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October 27 2012

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October 23 2012


bevölkerungsverteilung in deutschland

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October 22 2012

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The original gangnam style
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October 11 2012


September 28 2012

"Our experiments soon proved that exokernelizing our fuzzy Knesis keyboards was more effective than making autonomous them, as previous work suggested. Our experiments soon proved that microkernelizing our PDP 11s was more effective than exokernelizing them, as previous work suggested. We note that other researchers have tried and failed to enable this functionality."
Nmap Development: Re: Hakin9's new Nmap Guide
potenziell aggressive Humanisten oder Atheisten
Interview: "Vorbehalte gegen Religionen befeuern Debatte" | tagesschau.de

September 26 2012

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SUSE decided to cut all funding of Evolution development and reassigned its (formerly Novell) Evolution developers elsewhere.
[Evolution] What's New in Evolution 3.6
Die Tat zeige, welchem Druck und welchen Spannungen die Beschäftigten von Jobcentern ausgesetzt seien. Das Jobcenter soll bis Freitag geschlossen bleiben.

Jobcenter-Mitarbeiterin in Neuss erstochen

 - Panorama - WDR.de

September 24 2012

We did cocaine on the set of 'Empire', in the ice planet. I didn't even like coke that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high.
Carrie Fisher Used Cocaine on 'Empire Strikes Back' Set - The Moviefone Blog

Why are you telling Amazon what I am searching for?

We are not telling Amazon what you are searching for. Your anonymity is preserved because we handle the query on your behalf. Don’t trust us? Erm, we have root. You do trust us with your data already. You trust us not to screw up on your machine with every update. You trust Debian, and you trust a large swathe of the open source community. And most importantly, you trust us to address it when, being human, we err. In summary – please don’t feed the trolls.

Shuttleworth defends Ubuntu Linux integrating Amazon | ZDNet

September 17 2012

Germany has the highest IPv6-readiness with 11.7%
World map showing IPv6 adoption rates per country
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Sollte der Richter das Verbot bestätigen, handelte es sich dabei im klassischen Rechtssinne übrigens nicht um Zensur. Zensur ist definiert als der staatliche Eingriff im Vorfeld einer Meinungsäußerung. In unserem Fall würde es sich um eine staatliche Unterbindung einer Meinungsäußerung handeln, nachdem sie getroffen worden ist. So wie eine Redaktion sich gegen die Ausstrahlung eines Inhalts entscheidet, weil er jugendgefährdend ist und stattdessen ein Piepen sendet oder die Szene raus schneidet. Das ist eben keine Zensur, sondern eine redaktionelle Bearbeitung. Eine Redaktion muss ja den Jugendschutz und die Einhaltung rechtlicher Vorschriften auch sicherstellen.
Interview: Das Islam-Video zeigen oder verbieten? | tagesschau.de
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September 16 2012


One thing I realized when I was having my vintage wristwatch hobby was that the mechanical wristwatch lasted from about 1914 to about 1970. We still make them and stuff, but they’re actually kind of pointless, because a two-dollar quartz watch is more accurate than all but the very finest mechanical watches, which cost as much as small cars now. So that was something that all humanity took absolutely for granted, that this technological thing that was absolutely ubiquitous, and kept the world on time, and was absolutely necessary. It’s gone because it was supplanted by something cheaper and more efficient.

And recorded music — in the sense of what it was when The Beatles arrived — was probably really gone with the advent of cassette tape. Because that was all of what it took to break
the monopoly of production, of manufacture. There was never any real way to copy a vinyl record except to make another record, or make a copy on a reel-to-reel machine. It just wasn’t something you could carry around. But as soon as that cassette tape was there, the monopoly was gone and the things started falling apart…I’ve yet to come to a very clear opinion myself on how that’s going to play out with printed books, but definitely, something is happening.

William Gibson on Punk Rock, Internet Memes, and 'Gangnam Style' | Underwire | Wired.com

September 14 2012

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